Principles and Practice


Biological laws contain mechanical, mental and physiological principals and maintain stability inside the body. Unbalance of this natural equilibrium will always have an affect on health or even cause sickness.

Naturotherapy designates all natural techniques that work toward homeostasis of the human body through natural agents and in conformity with biological laws.

There are two types of naturotherapists. The first has an in-depth knowledge of a specific subject, which makes him a specialist.  The second has accumulated many different natural techniques in his training.

Depending on his training, he will offer an appropriate treatment for the health issues of the patient by means of proper physical manoeuvres, psychological support or by dietary advice. His role as a health educator will bring him to teach some principals for a healthy life style, especially as regards therapeutic properties of air, light, water, heat, herbs or essential oils.

He always acts preventively, by respecting self-healing principals of the human body and by considering the person from a holistic point of view, that is to say as a physical and emotional whole, in relation with the immediate natural and social environment.