Primum non nocereFirst, do no harm.

Symptoms of a disease can by manifestations of a healing process. Consequently, removing them outright can cause more harm than good. Therapeutic interventions must therefore foster natural healing processes and not the counter.

Vis medicatrix naturaeThe healing power of nature.

The billions of “words” exchanged between cells at every split second produce organised discourses that go through organisms when they are in equilibrium.

In every passing instant, the body is the site of information proliferation, of intense communication, of questions being asked and answered, a place where molecules, ions, free radicals or other magnetic flux maintain the consistency of the whole.   

When coherence is lost, disorder, disharmony, malfunction, disease or even death can occur. Why not try to care properly for life by reinstating the proper discourse between the cells?

At the heart of the living organism, natural strengths make this possible to achieve. The role of the naturotherapist consists in facilitating access to these forces by identifying and removing their obstacles.

Tolle causamTreat the cause.

The naturotherapist must look for the causes of the disease rather than trying to eliminate the symptoms.

Re-establishing natural equilibrium can only be done by working the original causes of the disturbance. However, it is better to be interested in the origins of the healthy state. Rather than always asking: “What makes me sick?” it is sometimes more useful to ask: “What keeps me healthy?”

From this point of view, there is no one recipe. Everyone can and must take care of himself or herself with the help of the therapist.   

Deinde purgarePurify

Alternative medicine states that if we become sick, it is because we let our body become invaded with toxins and that the disease is only the effort of nature trying to eliminate the morbid waste so that health may come back.

The naturotherapist will orient the patient toward purifying his body, in particular through irrigation, fasting or with infusion of detoxifying plants.     

Docere- Teach

The naturotherapist will try to show the patient that his disease is the result of a complex set of interactions between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions and that he must intervene at each of these levels.

He will also teach him to act on his environment and life style, as to optimize his strengths and minimize the possibility of disease.