Admission criteria

The therapist must have a minimum of 400 hours of training from one of the following categories as well as a base of 150 hours of common core naturotherapy training.

Accepted categories:

  • Traditional medicine*

  • Phytotherapy

  • Perinatality

  • Therapeutic foot care

  • Homeopathy

  • Counseling**

  • Physical reconditioning

  • Somatic education

  • Reflexology

  • Supplementation and alimentation

* MTC, Ayurveda, First Nations medicine

** NLP, Hypnosis, Family Constellations, Zootherapy, Rebirth, TRAC, Mindfulness Meditation


Educational institutions for the naturotherapy core curriculum 

Please note that some schools include the naturotherapy core curriculum in their core program. If not, you can supplement your training with our suggested courses.



Our accredited schools 

The following is a list of our partner schools whose educational programs are eligible for membership.