Teachers recognition

This section is intended for individual teachers wishing to provide Continuing Education courses recognised by the association.

In order to be recognized as a Continuing Education provider, you will need to apply and fill out the form provided for this purpose.

You will find below the form containing all the instructions to complete and transmit your request.

Please allow 20 business days for your file to be processed.

Secretarial fees are required:

  •     15.00$ - member
  •     25.00 - non-member

Basic requirements

Teacher must :

1. have a minimum of 400 hours of training in one of the following categories:

  •     Traditional medicine
  •     Phytotherapy
  •     Perinatality
  •     Therapeutic foot care
  •     Homeopathy
  •     Counseling
  •     Physical reconditioning
  •     Somatic education
  •     Reflexology
  •     Supplementation and nutrition

2. Possess 5 years of experience or 2 years of experience as a teacher in the sector of activity of the training proposed.


For all inquiries related to the recognition process, please contact Ms. Marie-Andrée Paradis, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Marie-Andrée Paradis
450-824-3550 ext. 33