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Meyranie RODRIGUEZ, Meyranie Rodriguez - Mieux-être & Style de vie

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Certified Yoga Instructor since 2001
Certified natural nutrition coach (specialized in hormonal modulation & hypotoxic approach)
My background as a martial arts athlete, professional dancer and army fitness instructor made me work as a coaching consultant for performance and sports nutrition for more than 10 years. After a burnout that totally changed my life, my approach as a health professional changed into a more holistic one. My services are focused on optimizing the health habits with lifestyle balance through holistic nutrition, natural supplementation, as well as mindset work and physical activity.

By helping to create a healthier lifestyle, my work allows you to have a better vitality in everyday life, to be more connected to your essence and thus optimize both your productivity and your potential happiness!

My services
Coaching in holistic nutrition
Yoga classes & retreats
Conferences & workshops related to lifestyle

My products
USANA natural supplementation
Virtual wellness programs
Detox Virtual programs

Looking forward to meeting you & contributing to your well-being!

Available Services

  • Alimentation hypotoxique
  • Alimentation vivante
  • Ayurveda
  • Coach de vie holistique
  • Coach en gestion de la santé naturel
  • Constellation familiale
  • Kinésiologie
  • Méditation
  • Naturothérapie
  • Professeur de Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Soins énergétiques
  • yoga instructor