Continuing education


Current block 

  • 2024-2025

If you joined during the current 2024-2025 period (new member), you must complete the next block of continuing education, i.e. 2026-2027.


Due date 

  • 2026 renewal 

Number of hours required 

  • 20 CEU, i.e. 10 CEU per year


To be eligible, the training activity must 

  • be directly related to the areas of activity in which you practice
  • enable you to maintain, update, improve or deepen your skills and knowledge
  • be relevant and its effects measurable and verifiable


Do you belong to two or three associations in our network? (e.g. ANQ + RMQ)?

Don't worry, you don't have to double or triple your continuing education hours.
You're only required to complete one block of hours.

Description of accepted types of continuing education

  1. participation in courses, structured volunteer activities, symposiums or conferences offered or organized by the association, by other professional orders, by educational institutions or by continuing education providers;
  2. participation in a training activity given by a natural health products company;
  3. participation in structured training activities offered in the workplace;
  4. participation as an instructor in recognized training courses related to the practice of the profession (maximum 20 hours per period);
  5. writing and publishing articles or books related to the practice of the profession (maximum 20 hours per period).

Required proof of continuing education

For each continuing education activity, proof of training must be added to your file. Here are the details of accepted proofs, depending on the type of continuing education.
For courses, volunteer activities, seminars and conferences
Diploma or attestation or official letter or e-mail from the educational institution.
On-the-job training
Letter of confirmation from employer
As a trainer
Letter of confirmation from educational institution.
Article writing
Article and publication reference


How to submit your proof?

Via your member area, in the My information / My formations section.