Admission criteria

1. The therapist must have a minimum of 400 hours of training in one of the following categories:

  •     Traditional medicine
  •     Phytotherapy
  •     Perinatality
  •     Therapeutic foot care
  •     Homeopathy
  •     Counseling
  •     Physical reconditioning
  •     Somatic education
  •     Reflexology
  •     Supplementation and nutrition

2. The 400 hours of training must also include 150 hours of nutrition training.

Indeed, since 2016, the ANQ has been reforming to standardize naturotherapy and is asking all its member therapists to have this common base.

* It is possible to join the ANQ without having the common core if you commit to completing it within two years of your admission.

This 150-hour core curriculum is composed as follows:


30 hrs

The basics of naturopatherapy, the role of the adviser and observer, how to advise for the main medicinal plants.

Diet and Nutrition 30 hrs

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals.

Diet and Nutrition 30 hrs

Food compatibility, acid and alkaline foods.

Diet and Nutrition 30 hrs

Health profile, morphology, ethics and recordkeeping.

Anatomy 30 hrs

General anatomy, the various systems of the body, anatomy related to the digestion process and effects.


The therapist that wishes to become a member of the ANQ to obtain the official status of Naturotherapist, must provide:


  • A form of admission duly filled;
  • A proof of the training, in particular, a transcript, a certificate or an official diploma;
  • The photocopy of an ID card confirms with photo [1];
  • The payment of its annual membership fees.

[1] The naturotherapist must be 18 and over, a Canadian citizen or an authorised resident or must  hold a Canadian work permit.